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Our facilities
2954-1 Oishi Fujikawagutiko Minamitsurugun Yamanashi Japan
TEL:0555-20-4052 FAX:0555-20-4053
+81-555-20-4052             +81-555-20-4053


By car

☆Chuo Expressway

Otsuki JC ━━Chuo Expressway━━ Kawaguchiko IC ━━━ Our facilities
                            (20 min)                                                                (15min)
From Otsuki IC toward the direction of Kawaguchiko, it gets down from Kawaguchiko IC and is to the direction of Lake Motosuko.

☆Tomei Expressway

Gotemba IC ━━Route138━━ Subashiri IC ━━Higashifujigoko-ROAD━━
 (15min)                                                            (15min)
Fujiyoshida IC ━━━━ Our facilities
It gets down from Gotemba IC, and in the direction of Yamanakako by R138.
it rides on Higashi Fujigoko Road from Subashiri IC to Fuji Yoshida IC, and get down there. And go to the direction of Lake Motosu.

☆From Kawaguchiko IC and Fujiyoshida IC to our facilitiies

It is R139 from Kawaguchiko IC to the direction of Lake Motosuko.
Higashikoiji intersection is turned to the right, and it goes across Kawaguchiko bridge
, and turns left at direction of Wakahiko tunnel.
It goes straight on then, a First signal is turned left along the road, a tunnel is exceeded,
And you will see our facilities 400-m away on your right side.

By buss

☆Chuo Hightway buss

Shinjyuku station west exit Hight wayKawaguchiko Sta. 
pick up bussOur facilities

By train

☆From shinjyuku station

Shinjyuku Sta. JR Chuo main Line Otsuki Sta. Fujikyu LineKawaguchiko Sta.
                                            (60min)                                                   (50min)
Pick up bussOur facilities

Take J R Chuo main Line to Otsuki Station.  Trasnsfer to Fujikyu Line to Kawaguchiko station.