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Cooking Japanese traditional noodle `Houtou`


It make Houtou to knead from flour

This is not just basic cooking class. It makes reading noodle from various angles the origin and history of Houtou.
Taste the noodle of Yamanashi with `brains` and `body`.
Kids,adult,family,couple and group.....You can enjoy yourself all togeter

 ¥2750 for adult (Over elementary school student) 
 ¥1100 for kids(Baby)

【including foodstuffs・rental cooking utensils・lesson fee】

Dress  clothes which is easy to move
The time of required     round 2 hours
Start time twice a day ①10:00AM - ②4:00PM -
Enforcement place  

    Wilderness park lodge  1F restaurant "OWL"
(When over 40 people, it becomes enforcement at another place.)

Others  Please tell us the direction if you have food allergy in advance.