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Enjoy the canoe in the lake with majestick Mt,Fuji.

 Let`s go to inexoerienced zone with your partner.





Canadian canoe 
Enjoyable Lake kawaguchiko!!

This program is for beginner.
You go out to canoe with instructor after explanation and practice. You`ve got luck or not!? You might be landing in uninhabited if you have luck.

●Price   one person       
   ¥6600 for adult (Over elementary school student) 
            ¥3300 for kids(Baby)

【Rental tools(Canoe・Life jacket・paddle)・including lesson fee】

Dress Clothes and shoes to match the season
Special favor Souvenir picture
The time required 2 hours
Start time ①10:00AM - ②1:00PM - ③3:30PM -(April - September)
Season All year

 Guests can enjoy the step-up course(single seat),those who completed the course experience.
 Canoe promotional video


Canoe guide


It is a cruise while looking at Mt,Fuji

■Canoe guide
This program is canoe guide. Recommend for these people .Person who want enjoy the view, person who do not have confidence that canoeing. You do not worry about canoeing by yourself .Instructor canoeing for guest.You gona enjoy the canoe guide safety. It is possible to ride on canoe to two people appearance.

            ¥5500 for one person(pretax) 
            ¥8,800 for two people(pretax)

Season Morning      Half hour from 8:30AM until 10:00AM
Afternoon  Summer(April - September)half hour from 5:00PM to sunset
            Winter  (october - March)half hour from3:30PM to 4:30PM